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Bet made

Simply go to the My Bets tab, which is available under the top menu.

Перевод "bet is made" на русский

EnergyBet offers many bet types. If you click on this number, you will see other bet types available for this game. For a better experience, keep your browser up to date. Check below for latest versions of supported browsers.


How to bet Placing a bet with energybet. Registration Before you can start betting, you first need to open an account with energybet. Place a bet Now to the fun part. Step 3: Enter bet amount Stake refers to the amount of money that you would like to bet.

Step 4: Place and confirm your bet Once you are happy with your selections and have a final betting slip ready to go, press the Place Bet button. When the bet is madethe player pushes on the button "Spin". Когда ставка сделанаигрок нажимает на кнопку "Spin". After the initial bring-in or bet is made action continuous clockwise until betting is completed for the round. После того, как игрок поставил бринг-ин или обычную ставкуостальные игроки делают ставки по очереди, по часовой стрелке, пока круг торговли не завершится.

How to bet

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